Sticky Stomp Stage graced with national act

The Empty Hearts at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint

The Empty Hearts at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint

The Sticky Stomp Stage, located at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint on Jefferson Road, hit the big time last night! The house was packed with a fun, friendly audience who were very pleased to see history being made.

The band, the newly formed The Empty Hearts, includes Wally Palmar (from The Romantics), Elliot Easton (The Cars), Andy Babiuk (The Chesterfield Kings), and Clem Burke (Blondie). The Empty Hearts was the brain child of Andy Babiuk, who brought the talented musicians together for a new album and tour. They played a 90 minute set, including all the songs from their album, plus songs from their former bands.

The show came about when Dino Kay of Fickle 93.3 radio contacted Sticky Lips BBQ owner Howard Nielsen and introduced him to Andy Babiuk. Would the Juke Joint be available to host the tour’s kick-off show? The answer was yes, but it required some house upgrades for the event. Says Nielsen, “This is our first time with a national act, which meant an upgrade in the amount of power we supplied — bigger speakers, amps, and monitors.”

Once the show was set, the media helped spread the word. “I’d like to thank the Rochester media for totally backing the show, which included a first — a band making the front page of the D&C daily newspaper in a write-up by Jeff Spevak,” says Nielsen. “I’d also like to thank Brother Wease for bringing the band onto his show.”

To produce a great show, it takes a lot of people keeping promises and a commitment towards each other to pull it off. Nielsen says that his staff worked very hard in bringing the show together and in treating the musical guests like the rock ‘n roll royalty that they are. “I was very nervous in the size of the equipment versus the size of my room, and that it would be too loud to handle. The group of experienced sound technicians, who are some of the best in the Rochester area, produced a great sound for The Empty Hearts band.”

Nielsen wishes the band well on their tour. “…And we are very honored that the public got to see them for the first time before we share them with the world!”


Howie's Market Run


After 31 years, restaurant Howard Nielsen still makes his weekly trip to the market.  Nielsen says he does this to keep costs down and for the camaraderie he gets from working with other businesses.  There’s no substitute for hard work!

A panorama of our bar at the Juke Joint



Click for a bigger view!

A mid-afternoon conversation with our friendly bartender Kat.  Thanks to the Sticky Lips patron took this cool panorama at the Juke Joint, looking East and looking North.  This may be the longest bar in Rochester!


Breakfast with Santa

The staff at Sticky Lips was treated to  breakfast with Santa.  An awesome responsibility for any business owner who has families to feed!

the staff at sticky lips was treated to  breakfast with santa - an awesome responsibility for any business owner who has families to feed 100_7302

A look back at the "Get Sticky" Shakedown

Here’s some photos from June’s “Get Sticky” Shakedown at RIT’s Park Point. This was the first music fest we’ve sponsored!


Life goes on… the ceiling

Sticky Lips has its own special way of displaying an archive of Life Magazine.