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Eat a Pork Sandwich... Build a Community

Doing Great Things at the Corner of Culver & Atlantic

Howard Nielsen, founder of Sticky Lips BBQ in Rochester, NY, opened the world’s very first Sticky Lips BBQ on the corner of Culver and Atlantic, on the site was an old auto dealership that was built in 1926.

Opening in April, 2004, the sign on the marquee read, “I just spent my life savings. Please eat my food.” The original store was recently expanded with the addition of its catering and BBQ fundraising business.

Now Howie could use some help from his neighbors. As you may have noticed driving by the original restaurant, where Phase I of a total major renovation of the two acre corner is underway. Nielsen is going to rebrand the 33,000 square foot building into a neighborhood entertainment district. The plaza will be named Photo City Junction, derived from Rochester’s history in film and camera manufacturing.

The first business on the Atlantic side of the plaza is now open: a microbrewery called The Lost Borough. This spring, right next to the brewery, will be Nielsen’s entry in the comedy business, the Photo City Improv & Comedy Club. The Pink Flamingo Restaurant will soon follow.

And that’s just the half of it. Phase II will be along the Culver Road side. (Just in case you were wondering what was going on in your neighborhood.)

Sticky Lips Pit BBQ and owner Howard Nielsen are reinvesting in the neighborhood. When Photo City Junction is complete, we will be creating between 200-300 part and full time jobs.

We are asking you to consider us in your dining or catering decisions.

So buy a pork sandwich and help a build a community!

Proposed water tower for the corner of Atlantic and Culver.  

Wouldn’t you like to see this at the corner of Atlantic and Culver?

Get 10% off for the Super Bowl!

big game promotion

Customers praise Sticky Lips BBQ

Here’s a recent batch of reviews from Rewards Network participants who dined at Sticky Lips BBQ.


Photo City Junction Commercial

Now airing on a TV near you!

That’s a lot of beer!

morning beer

Morning time beer deliveries at the Juke Joint.


With 53 beers on tap there’s a lot of good beer coming through that door!


Laurie at the food truck rodeo

food truck rodeo

Sticky Lips BBQ  owner Howard Nielsen’s wife Laurie and one of our eight grandchildren, Christiana, represented us at Rochester’s food truck rodeo at the Public Market.  Thanks ladies!