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Sticky Stomp Stage graced with national act

The Empty Hearts at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint

The Empty Hearts at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint

The Sticky Stomp Stage, located at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint on Jefferson Road, hit the big time last night! The house was packed with a fun, friendly audience who were very pleased to see history being made.

The band, the newly formed The Empty Hearts, includes Wally Palmar (from The Romantics), Elliot Easton (The Cars), Andy Babiuk (The Chesterfield Kings), and Clem Burke (Blondie). The Empty Hearts was the brain child of Andy Babiuk, who brought the talented musicians together for a new album and tour. They played a 90 minute set, including all the songs from their album, plus songs from their former bands.

The show came about when Dino Kay of Fickle 93.3 radio contacted Sticky Lips BBQ owner Howard Nielsen and introduced him to Andy Babiuk. Would the Juke Joint be available to host the tour’s kick-off show? The answer was yes, but it required some house upgrades for the event. Says Nielsen, “This is our first time with a national act, which meant an upgrade in the amount of power we supplied — bigger speakers, amps, and monitors.”

Once the show was set, the media helped spread the word. “I’d like to thank the Rochester media for totally backing the show, which included a first — a band making the front page of the D&C daily newspaper in a write-up by Jeff Spevak,” says Nielsen. “I’d also like to thank Brother Wease for bringing the band onto his show.”

To produce a great show, it takes a lot of people keeping promises and a commitment towards each other to pull it off. Nielsen says that his staff worked very hard in bringing the show together and in treating the musical guests like the rock ‘n roll royalty that they are. “I was very nervous in the size of the equipment versus the size of my room, and that it would be too loud to handle. The group of experienced sound technicians, who are some of the best in the Rochester area, produced a great sound for The Empty Hearts band.”

Nielsen wishes the band well on their tour. “…And we are very honored that the public got to see them for the first time before we share them with the world!”


FREE SHOW! The Empty Hearts World Tour kicks off Tuesday Oct. 14 at 8:30pm


Come out to the Juke Joint for a special show Tuesday night. This is going to be amazing!

Wally Palmar: Vocals/rhythm guitar/harp
Elliot Easton: guitar
Andy Babiuk: bass
Clem Burke: drums

The Empty Hearts kick off their NY – Tokyo Tour at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint with a FREE show, Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 8:30 pm.

Even though The Empty Hearts feature members of Blondie, The Cars, Chesterfield Kings and The Romantics—as well as being christened by Little Steven Van Zandt from his super-secret list of unused band names—this is no cynically constructed super group. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Clem Burke, two-time Grammy nominee and MTV Video of the Year Award winning guitarist Elliot Easton, bassist Andy Babiuk and lead singer/rhythm guitarist Wally Palmar have parlayed a combined lifetime of rock ‘n’ roll into their self-titled 429 Records debut, a sterling collection of influences that include ‘50s American roots rock ‘n’ roll, ‘60s British Invasion and ‘70s garage-punk that is anything but retro, rather a refreshing return to core musical values.

There’s the clarion power chords of The Who’s “I Can’t Explain” in “Soul Deep”, the Stones-by-way Chuck Berry twang of “Drop Me off at Home,” the Yardbirds’ bluesy R&B of “Meet Me Around the Corner,” the Led Zeppelin epic sweep of “Loud and Clear,” the “Wild Horses”/ “Dead Flowers” country-rock of “I Found You Again” and the Faces’ “Stay with Me” party vibe in “I Don’t Want Your Love.”

Co-produced by the band with Ed Stasium [The Ramones, Living Colour, The Smithereens] at Babiuk’s Fab Gear Studios in Rochester, N.Y., the album shows off the well-honed stylistic strengths of each individual member, with the Faces Hall of Fame keyboardist Ian McLagan adding Wurlitzer and Hammond organs into the mix.

“These are all friends that I felt could get along both socially and musically,” says longtime Chesterfield Kings bassist Babiuk, who started the ball rolling by calling old-time pal, Romantics’ singer Wally Palmar and asking if he wanted to start a band. “Remember when you first picked up a guitar because you loved the Beatles, the Stones and the Kinks? Wouldn’t it be great to get in a room, write songs and play them like we did when we were teenagers? And that’s just how it started.”

Read more about the band (and listen to samples from the album) at Billboard.com



Radio play for Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt

Take a listen to Wease, Paulie, and Jackienutt talking about the new Sticky Lips shirts on 95.1 The Brew. Wear them well!


Click for a larger view

The Sticky Lips BBQ Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirts are available at both Sticky Lips BBQ locations for $15 plus tax. $6 from every shirt goes to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester.

Sticky Lips BBQ

Finally! After two years in the making, the Sticky Lips BBQ Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt has arrived.  Right in time for October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What else would you expect from a place named Sticky Lips?  The BBQ Pit Boys have come up with a T-shirt that features a play on words, and we hope everyone gets the joke.  We are an equal opportunity offender, so let’s have fun with it and raise some money for a very worthy cause.

The shirts have been on sale since the beginning of October. The response has been interesting, to say the least. Says owner Howard Nielsen, “We had one cancer survivor tell us how, when she told people she’d had breast cancer, their eyes would immediately glance downward. She loves the shirt because it can set people straight in a fun way!”

Nielsen encourages other barbecue restaurants around the country to design their own T-shirts and raise money for the cause. The T-shirt has been a big hit on morning radio shows around town as well.

We also want to give credit to our long-time printed T-shirt provider, HTB Press, for coming up with a great idea with some fun artwork that has made this shirt so popular.

These women’s shirts are offered in form fit V-cut or missy cut.

V-cut sizes: S, M, L
Missy cut sizes: S, M, L, XL

Available at both Sticky Lips BBQ locations for $15 plus tax. $6 from every shirt goes to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester.


Improving neighborhood schools

Sticky Lips BBQ owner Howard Nielsen wrote a letter to the editor, printed in the August 20 issue of City Newspaper.


Go back to neighborhood schools

I have had the opportunity to experience a childhood growing up in the town of Irondequoit, and then as a young adult raising my family in the Tenth Ward neighborhood.

It takes a village to raise a child. At one point in our city’s school district history, each high school had neighborhood boundaries. Our children went to school with each other from kindergarten through high school, and families got to know one another. The school was a point of pride for the neighborhood. It was the people of the neighborhood who built a better school system, not the politicians or school boards.

By having a neighborhood high school, local businesses would get behind schools like they do in the suburbs. And that would put parents in walking distance of their schools. You could greatly reduce the cost of busing (taxpayer dollars), and put those savings back into buying the books that are so badly needed.

A neighborhood working together could eliminate much of the cost of government-funded (taxpayer dollars) breakfast and lunch programs. Local church groups working with people on welfare could supply the labor of making lunches for school kids.

Stop blaming the teachers for under-performance. Let’s get our educators out of what I call the “educational arms race.” We see TV commercials comparing the USA’s test scores to those of other countries. We really should be teaching something relevant and obtainable that would spark the interest in a student for a possible career choice. Especially given the city’s high dropout rate, should we be teaching trigonometry or trades? (This is not to say that there aren’t successful students in the city school system who aspire to go to college.)

Let’s produce confident students who will later become confident leaders. Let’s teach our students real skills and a work ethic that they can use in their personal life and the working world.

If the city wants the success that the suburban schools seem to enjoy, then do what they are doing. Bring back the neighborhood schools that once produced a successful City of Rochester school system.

This won’t fix all the problems, but could be a good start.


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