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Gas House Gorillas music video shot at Sticky Lips

A few months ago, the Gas House Gorillas shot their music video for “Find a Little Boogie” at the Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint. We defy you watch this without tapping your feet!


Lost Borough Brewing Co.

Help our new neighbor, the Lost Borough Brewing Co, get their business started!

Lost Borough Brewing is one of the tenants in the new AC Junction, located at the corner of Culver and Atlantic. Your contribution will help make their tasting room and brewery happen!

Visit their Kickstarter campaign here: http://kck.st/1bRz75c

Lost Borough storefront at AC Junction

Lost Borough storefront at AC Junction

More Table Magic at Culver Road Sticky Lips

By popular demand, we’re expanding the nights our customers can enjoy table magic by Mike DeDee at Sticky Lips Pit BBQ on Culver Road!

Now if you come for dinner Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday, you’ll get to experience some amazing close-up magic!


Visit Mike Dedee’s website at rochestermagic.com

Sticky Lips expansion in the news

The D&C did a great write-up and video on Sticky Lips and the new A.C. Junction!


Sticky Lips expansion on track
by Pete Wayner, Democrat and Chronicle

Photo by Lisa Hughes

Photo by Lisa Hughes

Barbecue is making Howard Nielsen bigger. Well, not literally. But his business, Sticky Lips Pit BBQ, is definitely feeling the love of Rochester’s penchant for pulled pork and beef brisket.

“I always say entrepreneurs are probably the poorest people you ever meet because we have this gene in us that keeps wanting to develop more and do more projects, so we make money, but then we spend it,” Nielsen says. “That’s kind of my life.”

Nielsen bit into the Rochester barbecue game in 2004, when he opened Sticky Lips Pit BBQ on the corner of Culver Road and Atlantic Avenue.

“I really love the neighborhood,” he says. “A lot of people thought I was nuts for opening up down here, but we proved them wrong.”

Yet Sticky Lips has become something of a Rochester landmark, with the Americana and nostalgic memorabilia along its walls; its trademark red lipstick stickers are smacked on car bumpers throughout the city and made national TV when Man v. Food Nation filmed there in 2012.

The popularity spurred Nielsen in 2011 to open a second location, Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint, 830 Jefferson Road. With 12,000 square feet, it features a full bar and live music — neither of which can fit in the Culver Road location.

“We’re having a lot of success out there,” Nielsen says. “Unfortunately I think maybe we’ve overshadowed the original (Sticky Lips) a little bit.”

In 2012, the rest of the Culver Road building housing Sticky Lips went up for sale. Nielsen bought it, adding 33,000 square feet of available space for an expansion. The first phase of his A.C. Junction (A.C. stands for Atlantic/Culver) project will be completed in the next couple weeks, with a 2,500-square-foot catering kitchen for Sticky Lips and three storefronts.

“I want to make a little bit of an entertainment district,” Nielsen says, with possibly a microbrewery, coffee shop and more.

The catering kitchen was sorely needed for the restaurant, which provides food for several barbecue fundraisers as well as private events, he says. Now, the restaurant will be able to take on more and bigger jobs.

Sticky Lips customers will be happy to know that the parking lot, full of pot holes and other issues, has been leveled and new drainage, lighting, curbs and security cameras have been added.

The second phase of the project, which should be completed later this year, will be the expansion of the actual Sticky Lips restaurant and more storefronts.

The restaurant will then become Sticky Lips BBQ City Music Hall and live music will be offered, as well as a bar area. Nielsen hopes the full project, including other businesses moving in A.C. Junction, will create between 100 and 150 new jobs.

Nielsen has not asked for any tax breaks.

“We’re really excited,” Nielsen says. “I think the neighborhood’s really excited about it.”

Big Game Specials!

Bring home BBQ for your football party!

Anyone who calls in to order the BBQ LIPS DEAL #1 or BBQ  LIPS DEAL #2 and tells us the secret phrase “NFL FOOTBALL” can get $10 off their order!

Call our catering office at 585-288-1900 or 585-288-1910.

(Offer good until Superbowl Sunday, February 2, 2014.)