Customers praise Sticky Lips BBQ

Here’s a recent batch of reviews from Rewards Network participants who dined at Sticky Lips BBQ.


Smoked BBQ Tofu is Delish!


Brother Wease from 95.1 The Brew is over the moon for our barbecue tofu!

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Praise for Sticky Lips

The following testimonials were submitted anonymously by Rewards Network customers.

I especially enjoyed the new mac salad! My husband LOVES the cheddar chorizo grits, they are the best. When in the mood for BBQ we always go to Sticky!
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Jefferson Rd

We stopped in for dinner after we read great reviews and everything was great! The service was fantastic and everyone enjoyed their supper! Don’t pass this place up!
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Culver Rd

I had a good time at the Sticky Lips Pit BBQ. They had an active atmosphere of music and entertainment. The food is very good and what I enjoy most is the breadth of menu items they have without being overwhelming. I will be going back here the next time I am in the area as they give the competition a good run for the money
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Jefferson Rd

Outstanding selection, excellent food!
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Jefferson Rd

We were in the Rochester area for a dance competition and drove by. Being from Virginia, we thought we would give northern barbeque a try and were pleasantly surprised by the food. It was delicious and the service was amazing. If we are ever in the Rochester area again we will definitely return.
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Culver Rd

Had to try it – usually not a BBQ guy but looked like (and is) a great night spot for food. In a word, YUM – come hungry! Burgers, brisket – and did try the Cuban sandwich (their version) – all good!
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Jefferson Rd

Food was excellent and service was great we will go back again. You get huge portions for so cheap
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Culver Rd

We were just arriving in Rochester and wanted a good dinner after being on the road. The service was great and the food very good.
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Jefferson Rd

I had the Texas Beef Brisket and loved it. Their cherry-flavored BBQ sauce is the perfect topping for that meal. I would go back over and over again.
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Culver Rd

It is one of the few bbq restaurants that serve the very best beef ribs
Sticky Lips Pit BBQ | Culver Rd

Pregnant woman craves Sticky Lips BBQ sauces!

Here’s a recent email we received regarding our Sticky Lips sauces.

We recently moved from Rochester to Los Angeles. My problem: I can’t seem to be able to buy your BBQ sauces online. Is there any way to do this? Please help… I am 7 months pregnant and I MUST have some Carolina Clipper Sauce, and also the Cherry bomb sauce.
Thank you!
— YP

BBQ Bodybuilder

We received this email the other day from a Sticky Lips fan. Who ever said bbq wasn’t good for you?


My Name is Jared Petrassi I am a student at SUNY BROCKPORT. I live about an hour from Manhattan when I am not in school in a little town called Warwick.

I absolutely Love BBQ FOOD. I am a competitive Natural Bodybuilder, and usually diet for a show for about 16 weeks at a time. And the first thing I always eat is bbq food.

Throughout fresh year I dieted for a show in march. After that show, the first place I went was Sticky Lips! And I have not gone to another BBQ place since.

I have been Sticky Lips on Culver, about 8 times usually for friends birthdays , or when my parents come up or special events. Last time I was there was November 17th 2011-the day before I started dieting for my competitive season. I had one show this past Saturday, then back on the diet and have another show march 31st then another april 14th then I will be done for the year. April 15th I plan on being in sticky lips and chowing down.

The pulled pork with sweet potato fries and chili, with the corn bread is my favorite meal from Sticky Lips its just O man making me hungry with 3 weeks of dieting left.

Just wanted to let you know Sticky Lips is always my first choice if I have someone visiting me, same with my friends. And it was the last place I ate before starting my diet and will be the first place I eat when I am done.

Thank you for making me one happy guy and having a loyal customer for life, I have always left extremely full and satisfied and never had anything that wasn’t absolutely spectacular. Like I said above that’s my favorite, BBQ pulled pork a little spicy home made bbq sauce then dip fries in the sweet bbq sauce you have with some chili and maybe the loaded nachos if someone can split them.

So can’t wait to eat up and be there soon.

Jared Petrassi

Jared is No. 18