Chicken BBQ Fundraisers

Looking to raise money for your church, team, school, or any other organization that you may be involved with? Our staff has the experience to assist you in making the most of your fundraiser event. Our program offers a more complete package than our competitors.

The sweet, smoky scent of our charcoal grills will fill the air and attract customers!

Your group can make 25% profit! More than other fundraising programs.

Some of our BBQ fundraisers have sold over 1000 dinners in a 3.5 hour span!

With Sticky Lips BBQ, we give you the box count and you control the money. There’s no question at the end about the number of sales.

“Drop-Off” BBQ Fundraisers

No need to worry if your pre-sales are between 75 and 199, we can instead cater with our Indoor BBQ Fundraiser pricing. Instead of cooking on site, we deliver our great quality BBQ. (If the event is big enough, we may choose to bring a rig to cook on site.) We will lend you the necessary food holding and serving equipment (credit card required). The equipment will need to be returned to the store the day following your event.

Indoor BBQ Fundraisers

Usually held during colder months, this is a great option for raising money for winter athletics. Same great barbecue selections, with slightly different tiers for potentially smaller crowds.

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